Lakol - Anmwe

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Love, passion, affection, are the only things I can thinh of when listening to this music Lakol, I love you. This music video can not be playing without you moving with the beat - Anmwe

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Lamour Joel says...

I really lakol but I prefer stanley rightnow, tantan
my favorite song is(baby, comeback)check it out

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Sasha says...

I want more lakol especially the old one. I just this

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Anonymous says...

Go see you therapist, if you don't have anything nice to say about this beatiful effort our people are make, then shut the hell

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Linda says...

very ennoy album.

I hate it. come on fuck

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Ff001 says...

Mes amis,
Je pense que vous faites un bon travail pour promouvoir la music Haitienne.

Autrefois, il fallait beaucoup temp pour connaitre nos talentueux musiciens.

Maintenant avec vous ce n'est plus le cas. Bravo chers amis! Continuer avec le travail.

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Sandra Raymonvil says...

beautiful lovely nices wat can i say i love it and i think everyone love it to thats my opinion
specialy Tantann i just love him his fine and he so wonderful and his

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