T-Vice - Kenbe Pantalon - Kanaval 2009

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This one may not be old or what we think as Kompa music. T-Vice - Kenbe Pantalon - Kanaval 2009 a very good hit song

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Cj says...

What is wrong with you guy: Why don't you and djakout show the video.

Today is the last day before the real Carnival start.

How the public will determine which video is

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Serette says...

T-vice m se yon fanatik men map tann video la m pa janm we li, ou pran trop tan pou voye video a.Mari'm pa fanatik ou li renmen kanaval 2009 ou wa

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Teisha says...

Y'all just need to chill out on the tearing each other apart for real. This is getting old and sick. The song isn't that bad but i didn't see why it had to have such a beginning concerning Djakout.


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Cesar says...

That is really cold to say that statement" Tout bagay nan peyi a bese et seul Djakout ki bese" It is good music but I have to tell you this is a tie between the

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Carlo says...

bel kanaval bon bagay bel groove gros jazz devan leternel yon gro kout chapo pou top

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Benschneidine says...

T-VICE it's my favorites band I LOVE all musicians t vice;djakout ranje kow kenbe

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Jessy says...


Si nou rinmin Kanaval djakout ca, no pa konnin sa ki bom. Si no vle tande bel kanaval, tande met beton

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