Wyclef Jean- 24 Heures A Vivre With Muzion Music Video

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Take me where I can listen to Haitian Music All day, songs such as Wyclef Jean - 24 heures a vivre with Muzion Music Video - His support to Haiti is uncomparable - Wyclef Jean has been active in his support of his native country and created his own foundation yele Haiti to provide humanitarian aid and assistanc

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Rock Philord says...

god bless u 4 every thing u do wyclef

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Rock Ohilord says...

i love dis music video alot god bless u

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Craig says...

Hi everybody! how is haiti for the time being.

I guess that everything's gonna be fine. well i'm from tennessee but my lovely mom is haitian and i'm pround to have a mom like her and from my mom i could see that the haitian nation is a good nation but not lucky.

And a ll i could say as an advice let the almighty God on heaven the owner of the univers lead and you will see how everything is going to be. oooopssss i almost forget my comment.

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Mily says...

My ex want me back but he did me so wrong i dont know what to

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Manette.c says...

I love you wyclef.

misic la macher nan san'm

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Michel Thomas says...

se trip map trip clef you are the number

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Samy says...

men remin music sa anpil.

and i specialy like you Wyclef
as long we have a haitian like u
who's not afraid to tell that you're
from HAITI, we need more haitian like you
so HAITI CHERIE can rise up

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Sexyshine says...

i luuuuuuv wyclef n king pose' and also brother

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Fanfan says...


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Yvesmarie Laurenza Moise says...

mwen pa pale angle mwen pale kreole mel mwen se laurenslov [at] si nou vle nou met ekrim nonm se laurenza moise Ilove

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