Roger Colas performing Live Ny 1985 - Haiti - Septentrional

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Here is the one who can not be forgotten. Roger Colas performing Haiti in New York City in 1985. These were the days I live for Those were the days of my youth, the days of love, the days of beauty, the days of energy, the days of passion. I remember those days now, what a beautiful time

Septen's repertoire is composed of 350-plus songs written in Creole and French, and their sound encompasses several musical influences among them: Compás, meringue, Voodoo drumming patterns, and a Cuban horn section. Their music is irresistible to Haitians, who can't wait to get on their feet and dance along to the Compás beat.

To trace the roots of Septen's musical style is a heady task because there are so many cross-influences. Meringue, for example, has evolved into Compás, which was originally guitar-driven. Nemours Jean-Baptiste was the musician, who helped promote meringue in the mid-1950s. In the 1970s the mini-jazz genre became embraced by Haitians because it managed to incorporate meringue, so essential to Haitian music. Throughout the decades Septen managed to incorporate elements of these styles and yet retain the distinctive big band sound.

A documentary covering six decades of Septen's career has been aired on PBS: Septentrional: From the North.

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Subject: Roger Colas performing Live Ny 1985 - Haiti - Septentrional edit

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