Roger Colas Live Ny 1985 - Marie Lourdes - Septentrional

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Here is the song performed by the great Roger Colas. This is the song called Marie Lourdes. The band was in new York City with their superstar Roger Colas in 1985

Orchestre Septentrional d'Haiti is Haiti's national band, around for 67 years. Its fans call it by its shortened name, Septen. Its first leader, Hulric Pierre-Louis, began the group with six musicians. Then the group expanded to include another band, and over the years musicians in the group have numbered over a dozen.

Septen is a ferociously independent organization, having never relied on promoters to manage publicity and bookings. They are a self-contained unit that runs every aspect of its business. They shrewdly own a nightclub, which also serves as a rehearsal space and business office.

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Subject: Roger Colas Live Ny 1985 - Marie Lourdes - Septentrional edit

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