Mariana song by Orchestre Septentrional

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Here is the song from Orchestre Septentrional Veteran Haitian Orchestre. Mariana is one of the most popular song s of the group. It has been in existence for a long time. However, every time one listens to it, it sounds like it was created this her and it is one of the all time hit songs of Septen.

Find a record store in your are to purchase songs from Septentrional:

The orchestra has stayed solvent without outside interference from promoters, recording companies, or patrons with political agendas. It has done this by running a proprietary nightclub, located in Cap Haitien, doubling as rehearsal space and business headquarters. As one music critic commented, ". . . they have . . . been able to create this intergenerational presence . . . no one else has been able to pull off."

Septen's music is available at local Haitian music stores.

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