Bénita - Septentrional - Tonton Bicha

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Here is the song Benita performed at Club de golf Métropolitain de Montréal by l'orchestre Septentrional

Orchestre Septentrional Secret to Longevity: Adaptability

Although Septen, like most Haitian groups, produces drumming that is derived from Voodoo rites and ceremonies, it is open to incorporating new styles and influences like chicken-scratch funk. But the band's Cuban brass section is one aspect of the band that never changes.

Septen's music is a mix of African, European, Caribbean, and South American influences. The new generation of Septen musicians is also introducing funk and jazz, which keeps the band relevant to today's younger audiences.

Septen is a savvy organization. It is self-promoting, running a nightclub that does double duty as a rehearsal space and business office. Averill sums up Septen's singular achievement: "They've done something that no one else has been able to pull off."

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