Yon Ti Chans Pou Ayiti

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Here is the song Yon Ti Chans Pou Ayiti - Yon Ti Chans Map mande.

Celestin's platform includes reconstruction of Port-au-Prince's business district; creation of employment opportunities for youth; making government processes transparent; and offering Haitian businesses the opportunity to bid on contacts so Haiti becomes self-sufficient, and not dependent on foreign aid to move itself forward. As Executive Director of Haiti's primary construction company, National Equipment Center, he has been responsible for developing the road infrastructure in rural areas.

One of the biggest challenges Celestin will face should he win the presidency is the repatriation of thousands of Haitian migrants arriving from the Dominican Republic, forced out by a High Court ruling in 2013. Celestin says he will take a diplomatic approach and try to find common ground beneficial to both nations sharing the island of Hispaniola.

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