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Luck Mervil - Piwouli Music Video

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With Haitian Music, I forget everything. Listen to the following song by Luck Mervil - Piwouli music video - this is a description of our beatiful country and the beautiful people living in it. Please put your comment about Luck Lervil - "Piwouli" in the comment section.

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Video Comments (9)

Galita says...

Nice song luck Mervil!! Well done. I like the lyric and rythm.

Charming video!!! Keep up with the wonderful work that you are

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Ouattara Mory says...

geniale cette chanson et le clip excellent.

merci a LUCK MERVL pour ce bonheur que j'écoute et regard au moins cent fois tout les jours.


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Morisseau Lazarre says...

Une fois de plus, Mervil s'impose à travers cette vidéo clip. Chanson bien épicée qui fait rire les Jessica et style troubadou bien entraînant et envoûtant qui fait déhancher les mélomanes comme moi..

Kontinye konsa, Mervil

Morisseau Lazarre, Palm

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John says...

just a wonderful video.

It captures all the essence of the place where it was filmed, I mean beautiful scenery, and the ladies aren't looking too bad either...The lyrics are very original and bring back a lot of childhood memories ...very catchy song. I love

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Bebe says...

I think that we all women loves sucking on a piwouli, I personally is a big fan of sucking piwouli.

I specially enjoy sucking big, round, juicy and healthy.

I think this a very sexy exotic video, job well

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Max says...

I believe he is saying that to Jessica and not to any man. I do not believe he is advocating on doing anything with guys. I would suggest you relisten to the video very carefully and you might have a different

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Max says...

The video is well done and the song was properly synchonized with the music.

The ladies were very beautiful.

good job on the video and the

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Claude K. says...

Don't tell me man you are into sucking piwouli.

Leave that for women.

I hope what i am thinking is not

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Innocent Mike says...

Medam yo renmen souse piwouli, sitou ayisyenn yo.
Mwen soje ki jan mwen te konn souse piwouli tou.
Haitian Student ki di

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