Gade Kandida by Les freres Parents

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Here is the song Gade Kandida by Les freres Parents
En 1987, when this album came out, there were about ten candidates running to be president. in 2015 there are 0ver 60.

Jean Jacques Clark Parent, the founder of Haitian musical group "Les Freres Parent" is a man of many talents. He formed his band with his three brothers and one sister. He is a writer, novelist, poet, singer, composer and one time Senator and founder of a political party named Parti Democrate Haitien. His songs arouse consciousness, patriotism and inspire people to change. The music of Haiti combines a wide range of influences drawn from its early settlers and inhabitants. "Konpa" or "Compas" is a unique form of Haitian music that combines both African rhythms with European ballroom dancing sublimed in Haiti's bourgeois culture. Some artists write songs depicting social problems in Haiti. "Les Freres Parent" was once jailed at Fort Dimanche because their criticism of the system was too vocal. Two of their politically oriented songs are "Veye yo" (1987) and Gade Kandida (Watch prospective candidates, released in 1987).

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