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Djakout#1 with Polo in Florida for the first time

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Djakout#1 with Polo in Florida for the first time.

Djakout Mizik is a notable Haitian compas band from Carrefour, Haiti, well known for its slow jazzy style music. Before 1993, it was a digital Band of Dominique Lauture formed back in 1986. Its old members likes Shabba, Pouchon, Mamane, Roro, and T-Regi joined the band later to form 'Mizik Mizik'. The group took the present name "Djakout Mizik" when Fabrice Rouzier joined the group. In 1992, Djakout became a full fledged band when Gracia Delva came in. Their first noticeable performance was at Konkou Mizik, on an American network Television (MTV) in 2007 New Year's Eve with the famous Whyclef Jean. In February 2008, the group was awarded the "Best Carnival Band in Haiti' title for their energetic performance of Kalòt Marasa (two slaps). So far the group has had twenty five band members some of whom remained and some left. In 2010, Djakout Mizik got divided into two distinct bands-- Djakout Mizik and Djakout #1. Its present seven members are: BJ Jolicoeur (Keyboard Maestro), Mogelin Dave (Lead singer), Felipe (Guitarist), Steeven (Bass Guitar), Pierre Michel Emile Pedro (Lead Singer), Phillippe Monfort (Bibol).

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