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Damballa - A New Arrangement Of A Haitian Traditional Song

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A new arrangement of a Haitian traditional song, which talks about the spirit. Solo singing with New Vision Orchestra accompaniment Arranged by Raysan Ismail.

Tags: Voodoo, Rasin, Rasin Music Video

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Eliassaint Jb says...

comme toutes cultures, comme toutes musiques, mais celle de chez nous est plus impécable plus amusante, en fin nous sommes the best partout ou on est on ecoute le vodoo, donc big up for the haitian

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Reginald Jacques says...

beautiful 'wow you guys are great, i will love to play with you
because I used to play folkloric songs on

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Jean says...

Well, I just wonder if those singing or listening to this song do understand its supernatural attribute.

Words do have power and sometimes do produce effects specially in a mystic point of view. Some say that spiritism or voodooism has no control on white people.

I strongly disagree with this concept.


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G. Jean says...

even with the Irish twist the essence of the song was not took a simple Haitian Voodoo song and made it your own.I love it keep up the good

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Subject: Damballa - A New Arrangement Of A Haitian Traditional Song edit

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