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Daan Junior - J'ai Soif De Toi Music Video

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The tast of Haiti presented by the musical group of Daan Junior - J'ai soif de toi Music Video - Nice this is one of the only type of music I can listen to when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm drunk... it still puts me on a feelgood vibe.

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Fred says...

Je te vois sur le net.C'est une très jolie musique, mais je souhaite que les images soient plus claires.


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Sexy D says...

sa pa mal menm

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Jamie Joseph says...

I really appreciate your song, and i want to tell you keep doing your thing.God bless

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Eveline Pierre says...

Daan Junior when i listen to your song it give me courage to love, keep doing that great job on your heart God bless my

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Francis says...

this video related to me.i'm very proud my haitian

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Larry Clockwant says...

This movie is tres bien. Its gonna be a hit. Check out this video though, wow this is really good too and it will surely be number uno on the charts.

Larry Clockwant recommends this to everyone!!! Go check it out now, your gonna love it. Larry Clockwant

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Hyde says...

you suck. you're nothing but a copy cat son of a

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David says...

Helo Daan Junior,
Je suis David, maintenant,je vis en allemagne c'est pour moi une belle franchise d'avoir temp tout le weeckend de faire l'internet, pour ecouter avec douceur, le sons de l'oreint avec toi:Daan Junior, qui me faire vibre et souvener de mon origine.


Ho?j'aime t'ecouter, je te feliciteet je te souhaite de plus en plus une bonne avanture.

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Ketou Z. says...

Daan Junior, quand j'ecoute tes chanssons ca me fais vraiment vibre le coeur je ne sais comment te remercier pour tes beau paroles, que Dieu te garde, te protege, dans tes reves.c'etait une

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Lovely says...

hi daan my name is lovely i love listen to your song they are so good and im haitian but i was born in USA THANK YOU AND LOVE

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