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Coupé Cloué - Ti Bom

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Jean Gesner Henry (Coupe Cloue) was born in Leogane, his family moved to Port-au-Prince in 1934. He obtained an education in classical music and used to play the saxophone. After graduating from school, he played soccer in several clubs in the capital city. In 1950, he earned a nickname "Coupé Cloué" (kick-out or cut and nail in soccer parlance) from his prowess on the soccer field. During 1950, his football career came to an end and with his ability to play guitar, he formed the band "Trio Crystal" in 1957. He introduced an unusual tune with a Cuban flavor brought into Haiti by the migrant sugarcane cutters. The 'trios' usually had two guitar players and one playing maracas, became quite popular in that era. "Trio Crystal" used to perform live on local radio on every Tuesday night.

Promote the music of Haiti :

He had the strongest African sound that portrayed his origin or root but surprisingly he never ever heard African music before his 1975 trip. His last album "Son Haiti: Best of Coupe Cloue" was released posthumously in 1999. He died of diabetes in January 1998.

coupe cloue le roi du compa.

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