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Brothers Posse - Miste blan

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Here is the music video by Brothers Posse - Miste blan.

Don Kato or Antonio Cheramy, the well known lead singer of Brothers Posse is the son of popular Haitian chanteuse Simone Jean. He was born on November 28, 1974 in Cite Lescot, Cape Haitien. He is a big lover of football, but his singer mother induced to develop his natural ability to sing when Kato was a kid. Don Kato is a gifted and hard working singer who can sing in varieties of styles. During his childhood, he used to sing in the church choir and at School Jean XXIII which he attended. He joined the band "Soukous Mizik" when he was only 12 years old and overnight became a star on the radio stations' charts. Within a few years, he formed 'Brothers Posse' with his friends and since then the group has remained intact. He was a candidate for the Senate from the West Department under VERITE banner. He has won the election with 64.40% votes. On becoming an elected Senator, he has promised he won't cut his hair; maintain a dreadlock till he can remove the misery of common Haitians.

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