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thanks cindy!nice to meet u

I'll be great to meet u one day. I'm from west africa and i lov so much zouk music.i'm planning to visit martinique,guadeloupe or haiti. i'll be... more »

U're right Cindy this video is the best of the bes

This video can kill me because i lovvvvvvvv it so much.It's very romantic and every day i listen and watch it.Escuse me Cindy, wer are u from? Alain... more »

nice video! i like it so much

Cindy u got it.This video is very nise!!!! Alain in New York more »

Complements about the music 0. f. f.

I am so happy to see this vedeo. It's really hot and also very classic. I love that song so much. And also I would like you guys knows that, Zenglen... more »

that was great

the hip hop part was the bomb.that should keepdoing his music more »

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