Re: Sweet Micky - Lage 2 Gidon Kanaval 2009

Leopold - February 9 2009, 6:29 PM

I´m so happy to be able to know tou. Before I was so sad but now it´s funny with the Haitian´s music cause I have 12 years out of this wonderful country, after all it´s a poor country but never forget it´s ours.
so, if you see another name like skromo was I passed to contact with haitian´s music, she´s brazilian but knows well the situation in Haiti and she works in some project about Haiti.

My regards

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Sweet Micky - Lage 2 Gidon Kanaval 2009

Here is a popular Haitian artist turned president Sweet Micky, Lage 2 Gidon, Kanaval 2009, kanaval, best kanaval

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