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Mr. G. says...

My name is Hans F. Gervais I started listening to konpa not too long ago, but ever since I started, I been a big fan, videos like this one is the... more »

Blanc says...

I realy like this video but I pefere the romantic side of Jakito instead of him playing kompa, not that I am saying that he doesn't have interesting... more »

Rose says...

bonsoir jakito mwen rinmin tout chante ou fes yo, paske yo reelment douce, se pa ninport ki moun ki ka tende muzic sa yo, si ou sauvage mete kwo'ou... more »

Natedawg says...

konpa is the kind of music.when im listen to konpa it remind me of haiti the beautiful land. more »

Alexis says...

i love dis video its of da chan.keep up the good work. more »

Boniface Zebo says...

a jackito,le chanteur qui chante,haiti,cherie,avec amour,en ce jour de,tristesse,pour les fondamentalement,negres de la 1-premiere republique,de... more »