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Dyna says...

I love this video, We don't see enough of the pure haitian music anymore.. The haiitian youths are losing their original culture, it is soo sad... more »

Virgilio Polonio says...

is a good work, the singer has a beautifull voice,i hope be successfull in hir carier, is simple good enough and i would like to get this video en... more »

Mauro says...

Who is the singer? The video doesn't mention any singer, and the title too. It would be nice for me to explore other videos about this artist. more »

Gary Dion says...

What a wonderful hymn to love! Great lyrics, folks, I just love it! more »

Michel says...

se racinn nou i love it chack foi moin tande jan de music sa yo sa fem songe lakay rootz nou se bagay ki soti bien loin se sa net. more »

Rene C says...

This is amazing music... thanks for taking me back to my ancestors more »